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William L. Miller, born in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA, studied at Princeton University (B.S.E.) and the Pennsylvania State University (M.S. and Ph.D.) - Subject: electrical engineering and Ph.D. thesis in optimal control systems and stochastic information systems.

Bill is president of 4G Innovation LLC, a management consulting firm he founded in 2000 to help clients achieve renewed business growth through innovation. In 2001 and 2002, Bill was also an adjunct professor at the University of Michigan Business School where he taught innovation management to MBA students. Before founding 4G Innovation LLC, Bill worked at Intel where he managed R&D discovering and developing the next generation of computing architecture and applications - after the PC. His work at Intel also applied a new fourth generation (4G) model for industrial/university collaborative R&D. Intel formed "lablets" which are 4G innovation labs at universities. Previously, he was Vice-President of Research and Business Development at Steelcase, held senior engineering management positions at Rockwell/Allen-Bradley and at other firms in the computer industry and process control industries, and began his career as an engineer at General Electric.

Bill is coauthor of a widely read book on R&D and innovation published by Wiley entitled Fourth Generation R&D - Managing knowledge, Technology and Innovation.

For more than 30 years, Bill has been an innovating in R&D, business development, marketing, engineering, technology management and operations. He has authored many peer reviewed papers and presented talks at conferences on knowledge management, technological innovation, computers, networks, and digital control systems. He helped launch the IEEE 802 standards activity for LAN's, interactive graphical computing in the 60's, ship the first commercial compilers for the C language in 70's with many of the modern practices in software engineering, UNIX workstations in the 80's, commercial applications of TCP/IP on LAN's in the 80's, tagged distributed data-bases in the 80's, flexible manufacturing in the 80's and build-to-order interactive graphical catalogs in the 90's, breakthrough market research methods including video ethnography in the early 90's, self-managing ubiquitous computing and wearable computing in the late 80's, research in aspects of human learning in immersive environments like CAVES in the 90's, research on communities of practice as building blocks of organizations and markets in the early 90's with research in the spiral processes that most effectively drive the front end of innovation, and most recently, immune system engineering. He has more than 15 patents.


William L. Miller

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